Norway Production, 2017 Summary and Projections

Maersk Oil UK has selected Semco Maritime to participate in the installation and preparation hook-up of the new gas production field Culzean, which is located kilometres east of the coast of Aberdeen in the UK sector of the North Sea. Semco Maritime will be responsible for carrying out the electrical work, while the piping and painting work will be carried out by two other companies. Preparation in Singapore The Culzean complex consists of a central processing platform, a wellhead platform, a living quarter platform, which are currently under construction at the Sembcorp Marine yard in Singapore. Production from the natural gas field is expected to commence in In Singapore Semco Maritime will even now set up a team of hook up specialists to prepare the installation work in order to have everything planned when the platforms arrive in the North Sea next summer, says Vice President Carsten Nielsen, Semco Maritime Ltd. The order is a continuation of the positive development in the activities, which Semco Maritime has experienced in the UK during the past six months, says Director James Cooper, Semco Maritime Ltd. During the period the order will create jobs for approx.

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Profile. PT Sarku Enjinering Utama was established in as a Major Maintenance, Hook-Up, Commissioning and Construction (MMHUCC) contractor for oil and gas offshore installations in Indonesia and around the globe.

Our Crude Oil Acquisition and Marketing organization purchases crude from producers at the wellhead and at trade locations, and then sells it to a refiner or other purchasers. We strive to keep our purchases and sales balanced, with each purchased barrel matched to a barrel sold, thereby minimizing commodity price exposure.

Crude Trucking Our Crude Oil Acquisition and Marketing business gathers, purchases, markets and sells crude oil using approximately crude oil transport trucks and approximately crude oil truck unloading facilities. Our truck fleet helps aggregate the crude oil purchased from individual leases. Each tractor is combined with a barrel tanker. The segment consists of approximately 5, miles of crude oil trunk and gathering pipelines.


We bought our turn-of-the-century farm house last December and I ran the old furnace off the gas well for a few months until the temps dropped into the single digits. That’s when the regulator quit. The house is also connected to Columbia Gas so I turned some knobs in the basement and all ran fine after that. I wasn’t in a big rush to get the well running again because I learned that the 60 lbs being fed into the house was dangerously high and that it’s more common and safer to reduce and regulate the pressure outside the house and send just a single lb or so into the house.

I have an experienced gas man who is going to run a new plastic line to the house with a regulator installed outside. He will also run a line to the barn where I have a small workshop and will run a small garage heater.

In petroleum and natural gas extraction, a Christmas tree, or “tree”, (not “wellhead” as sometimes incorrectly referred to) is an assembly of valves, spools, and fittings used for an oil well, gas well, water injection well, water disposal well, gas injection well, condensate well and other types of wells.

The term “Brownfield” construction refers to revamping works on existing facilities to enhance production which involve repairs, upgrades, replacement and modification works on existing offshore production facilities and Equipment. Brownfield Construction are generally undertaken when Operators recognize the need to improve Safety aspects, Production, Efficiency and Lifespan of their existing facilities as well as to address maintenance and regulatory compliance issues and update technology.

As a whole Brownfield Construction is a combination and synchronization of new components to the existing facilities and it is essential to understand and appreciate how they are inter-related from physical, process, Hook-up and Commissioning and Operating perspectives. It also involves tie-ins to existing facilities for which disruption to ongoing production cannot be avoided and eventually may lead to shut-down of the existing facility for a certain period of time.

The” Greenfield” construction term refers to a new facility either a Wellhead or Process Platform which has been constructed from scratch at NPCC yard and eventually loaded via a cargo barge for further installation offshore. Unlike “Brownfield Construction, hook-up and commissioning activities related to “Greenfield” construction has no restriction at all in terms of permit to work system application may it be “Hot or Cold” works considering that the facility is yet to be handed over to the client upon mechanical and commissioning completion.

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We use cookies to provide the best possible experience for you. By closing this message you agree to our use of cookies. You can learn more about cookies on our privacy and settings page. Statoil awards hook-up contract for Johan Sverdrup January 31, Aibel and Aker Solutions have, on behalf of the licence partners, been awarded contracts for hook-up and commissioning assistance for the Johan Sverdrup field centre, phase 1.

The contracts have a total value of slightly less than NOK 1. The competent supplier team now in place will help us develop a project for several generations on the Norwegian continental shelf.

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When Crystal Falls Township entered into the rural development contract to complete our water system improvements, grant monies was available to any community that was willing to accept the responsibility for protecting our well head areas and the surrounding land within the well head protection area. Crystal Falls Township applied for the grant monies which required: Incorporate the area into the township master plan and complete a well head ordinance.

Identify locations where a new well may be constructed when the need arises. Develop a public education awareness program. Protecting our water resources from infiltration has been a major concern for units of government for several years. Prompted by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, government officials have been working on wellhead and groundwater protection issues.

Crystal Falls Township has been taking an active role in trying to educate the community about the importance of protecting the sources of our water supply. Township Trustee Diane Kut along with Terry Alexa and the well head committee have been working on the issue, and are here to explain the importance of the effort.

Lortie Plumbing and Heating was awarded the bid for installation of all residential and commercial water meters. The meters were mandatory with the funding we received from Rural Development.

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Those represent the direct costs of fossil fuels; money paid out of pocket for energy from coal, natural gas, and oil. What are fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are rock-like, gas, or liquid resources that are burned to generate power.

Wellhead operations activities includes: Nitrogen Lift, well securing, wellhead hook-up, instrumentation. Responsibilities: •Participate in the preparation of Job Hazards Analysis and review of work plan and method. •Check and review the execution program to ensure it Industry: Oil & Energy.

Relief Well Operations Initial Relief Well Planning Relief well planning was started as a contingency immediately after the blowout occurred with full resources directed to that effort after the second drillpipe kill attempt failed. These “design process” steps, in generic terms are the following: The figure below outlines the relief well planning process that was followed. The team was broken into four primary units each with leader. Unit 1, was the drilling team which was further divided into the management and rig site crews for each drilling rig.

This unit was responsible for the planning and execution of the normal drilling operations required for each relief well. Unit 2, was the well intersection team. This unit responsible for the planning and execution of directional drilling, surface and borehole surveying, and casing detection required to achieve a direct intersection in the blowout borehole.

Unit 3, was the hydraulic kill team. This unit was responsible for the kill hydraulics; specifying, sourcing and testing of the kill equipment and kill fluids; developing the detailed kill procedures and supervising the final kill. Unit four, was the blowout specialists team, this unit was responsible for all work performed on the wellhead and inside the hot zone.

Ramp-up to an Incident Command Type of Organization After the decision was made to drill relief wells to control the blowout it was necessary to ramp-up to an Incident Command ICS type organization to efficiently manage the project which would last for at least 2 months. The chart on the left illustrates the basic organization that was utilized for the project.

Member Meeting and Annual Generel Meeting – 29 January

As a result of that effort, MSS won a second contract with TCO and is on track to further build its safety capabilities and skills. Over the life of the project, TCO anticipates creating approximately 20, jobs. TCO joint ventures with partners such as Chevron are facilitating the transfer of knowledge, technologies and skills.

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Many years of experiences working in Oil and Gas. What does Hook-Up and Commissioning do? The Hook-Up and Commissioning HUC will be taken place between construction and start-up, kind of work could be classified to be hook-up and commissioning. They are tie-in to existing facilities. The hook-up and commissioning would be applied to green field and brown field projects. There are 4 area of concerns to consideration when handle to HUC. Technical issued Manpower issued Cost bidding and execution issued The technical issued usually considered in first priority otherwise we could not determine man-hour so clearly scope and sequence of work and identified the major and minor tasks must be done and established the method statements of individual work, using the jobcard technique to determine trade kind of man and man-hour.

US5332044A – Wellhead isolation tool and method of use – Google Patents

With our local facilities, our enthusiastic staff and expert field workers, we provide reliable, pipeline construction, gas maintenance, and around-the-clock emergency repair services to both oil and natural gas producers. Other services include gas distribution services, custom fabrication, pipeline installation, construction of containment rings, installation of pipeline metering facilities, sandblasting, painting and full site cleanup.

Fast Response is What Counts Founder Lynn Ayres, notes, “We have built our business on the premise that we would provide timely, dependable and safe service to our local oil and natural gas producers and local gas distributors.

Exports Balance Propane, but Demand Threatens Shipper Returns. Falling inventories push up prices to close export window. Domestic Production Boom Spurs Exports.

Planning considerations for production logging Sinker bar weight A dead weight sinker bar is necessary to overcome the force of the wellhead pressure acting on the cross-sectional area of the logging cable. The weight shown is just enough to balance the force of the well pressure acting on the wireline. Additional weight above that which is indicated on the graph is needed to realize downward movement of the logging string.

As the inclination angle of the wellbore increases, it becomes especially important to increase the sinker bar weight over the value specified by the vertical axis of the figure. When an inclination angle requires unreasonably long sinker bars, roller centralizers are required. Typical slickline diameters are represented by the group of lines at the bottom of Fig. The low sinker-bar weight needed to carry out a slickline survey, even at high wellhead pressures, requires only a short lubricator.

As a result, slickline services are enjoying a rebirth. New versions of these tools contain sufficient downhole memory to record what is essentially a continuous log. Maximum tool length to negotiate bend Fig. The ends of the tool contact the bottom of the borehole, and its middle touches the top.

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However, it appears that the construction may not yet be completed so it is not clear whether all of the concrete will be removed. The unusual part is what appears to be long lengths of truck tires hooked together in what might have been the road bed. We could not find any memorabilia to put in the on-going Mahwah Nike Base exhibit at the Mahwah Museum.

There is a latrine in one of the buildings I believe it’s in the barrack on the east side of the Admin. Area that I suspect looks pretty much like the army’s “original equipment” or close to it. I think it still has the original paint!

Hook-up can also be used to describe the tasks required to connect the wellhead Christmas trees to the well flowlines. Hook-up includes structural, process, mechanical, piping, .

Other documents used in the development of the CSS configuration are as follows: The usual appearance of them is to have the cause on the left hand side with the effect at the top with a ‘X’ matrix. Sometimes logic symbols are included which make the operator’s engineering design requirements unambiguous. Whilst this is an excellent approach it is rather costly, thus it is infrequently used.

Cause and Effect – Some projects categorize cause and effects as part of process document and some other projects consider them an instrument deliverable. Cause and Effect is presented as a form of matrix. The marked intersection between both means that they are related as cause-effect. Example Cause and Effect – A useful example of an Cause and Effect diagram – from instrumentationportal. This package is deliberately separate from the executive software of the system since it is very important that software previously developed is not corrupted in any way.

After completion the software is tested extensively before being included in the overall software package. Great emphasis is placed on ensuring that the executive software cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel and once the system is operational the configuration package is usually located onshore.

Maersk Oil Begins Culzean Drilling

Jump to navigation Jump to search For water well wellheads, see Puteal. A wellhead is the component at the surface of an oil or gas well that provides the structural and pressure-containing interface for the drilling and production equipment. Wellhead gas storage, Etzel Germany Oil well Christmas tree The primary purpose of a wellhead is to provide the suspension point and pressure seals for the casing strings that run from the bottom of the hole sections to the surface pressure control equipment.

If the pressure is not contained during drilling operations by the column of drilling fluid , casings, wellhead, and BOP, a well blowout could occur.

The meters long Culzean wellhead platform jacket, built at Heerema’s Vlissingen yard, is fixed to the seabed by 12 skirt piles driven 45 meters deep. When the three topsides are installed in and hooked up in , three of the six production wells will be ready for first gas.

Superior customer service Well Site Protection Cattle enjoy a good back rub. Unfortunately, livestock often push on standard livestock panels which can result in damage to either the panel, or to the equipment the panel is trying to protect. The top of the cattle guard panels angle in, towards the well head, out of the reach of curious livestock. These design elements ensure the panels see less livestock abuse than traditional panel enclosures.

This translates to less livestock injury and less damage to your valuable equipment contained within the wellhead enclosure. Easy Installation Hi-Hog, designers of the original pin together well head fence, worked with industry experts and installers to ensure they could offer the industry a superior solution. The simple shepherd hook pin connection ensures that your well head enclosure can be erected quickly and easily No loose parts, no rusted bolts.

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